Kenny John Mackenzie

From Back to Uganda

Following God’s call to leave Back and go to Uganda in 2003, Kenny John played a strategic part in the planning, development, construction, opening and running of Africa Bible University in Kampala over several years.

There he formed close ties with staff and students alike, sharing God’s Word with them for their encouragement.

Both Kenny John and his wife Ishbel have been instrumental in supporting graduates who went on to minister throughout Uganda and as far afield as the remote pigmy communities of the Congo. As well as distributing bibles and catechisms they have helped establish a local school for orphans and developed several boreholes / wells and water tanks providing clean drinking water to impoverished villages.

Although Kenny John has returned home to Back he continues to travel to Uganda on a regular basis. His ministry is a model of practical Christianity and has proved life changing for many in Uganda and beyond. It’s a great blessing for us all to be able to support and pray for this ongoing mission work.

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