Church Involvement & American Religion

The church is a sacred place for people of faith. It is also a symbol of community, providing social services and spiritual guidance to the masses.

The church in the United States began as an institution in opposition to state-sponsored religion. The Puritans who settled in New England wanted to worship without the interference of a state-sponsored religion that they felt was too close to Catholicism. They wanted to worship God freely and without persecution from the state.

In 1620, when they arrived on Plymouth Rock, they established their first church and called it “the Church of Christ.” The Puritans were not able to practice their religion openly back in England because it was so closely tied with Catholicism. They had been persecuted for their beliefs and wanted a place where they could worship freely without fear of

The word “church” is a term that can be used to refer to any of the Christian denominations. Most of these churches are organized on the basis of their denominational ties and geographical location. The first church was established by Jesus Christ and his disciples in Jerusalem.

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